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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide patients with good and quick services by scheduling their surgeries within a time frame of one week. We aim to improve their overall well-being and address their unique health challenges with compassion and utmost care. Through our services, we aim to empower individuals to take charge of their health, make informed decisions, and lead healthier lives.

Who We Are

Established in 1997, Rogers Park Surgery Center built on years of dedication and excellence. We take pride in the satisfaction of not only our esteemed patients but also the confidence placed in us by attorneys and marketers. We are improving day by day and, at the same time, getting experience with different kinds of procedures and dealing with the patients' different kinds of behavior. In addition, we accept workers' compensation insurance, BCBS, motor vehicle accident and personal injury cases and Department Of Labor cases. Mr. Mohamed Sirajudeen is the owner/president of this business. He is very kind-hearted, polite, generous, and always ready to help people who are in need.

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Our Vision

We envisioned becoming the most trusted provider of surgical services in Chicago and beyond. Our path is guided by a vision of a future where healthcare is a gateway to a better quality of life, making a lasting impact in the communities we serve.